Monday, September 21, 2009

International Peace Day and Pinwheels for Peace

Pinwheels for Peace was a success! Seventeen classes took part. Over the course of the day we approximately 360 pinwheels in the garden at De Zavala Elementary. A little inadvertent watering and a tiny touch of rain left some of our pinwheels the worse for wear, but otherwise all went well.

In addition to the Pinwheels for Peace, we hung a small portion of our wishes for peace from several small trees.

Adding wishes for peace to one of our Wish Trees.

Taking a break from planting our Pinwheels for Peace

Planting Pinwheels for Peace

Pinwheels in class bouquets before planting.

Here's to wishing for a peaceful future for all of us.

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Sinda said...


Hazel just wrote out a note for her teacher: "Dear Erik, I hope you have a happy day of the ded, sincerely, Hazel"